Michael McKay: Nicotine Works (paintings 1990-1997) + Ju-jitsu Hideout (works on paper 1999-2001) 8/25-11/11

Holiday Show 11/23-12/24


Michael McKay: Nervemeter - a film installation based on a text by Antonin Artaud 4/7-4/28

Monika Pizzichemi: Expanding the Rectangle (photographic montages) 5/24-7/7

Kim Hugo, Brant Moorefield & Michael Schuetz: Domestic Nightmares 7/19-9/1

Paper Show: a group show of works on...paper (613 pieces by 63 contributors)10/26-12/8


Ryan Miller: Vision Blues (painting, drawing and collage) 5/24-6/15

The Title Show: curated by Sage Nokima and Marcel Bova 6/28-7/20

Options R: new works by Matt Anderson, Eric Drury, Colleen Jones, Michael Mckay, Hans Michaud, Monika Pizzichemi and William Tremblay (curated by Michael McKay) 8/2-8/24

The Hank & Crank Show: live film & sound improvisation by Hans Michaud and Crank Sturgeon 8/9

Womb Work: artworks inspired by the womb by Elsa Campbell, Stephanie Chioda, Cathleen Daley, Kara Dunne, Colleen Jones, Marie Mossman, Gillian Pears, Monika Pizzichemi, Anna Salmeron, Laura Thompson, TYMM and Stefanie Weber (curated by Monika Pizzichemi) 9/13-10/19


Paper Show 2: a group show of works on...paper (743 pieces by 88 contributors) 5/6-6/12

Michael McKay: The John Cage Overload (sound installation) 6/12


Michael McKay: The John Cage Overload (sound installation, version 2.0) 5/15